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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 24, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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students. and that is just scratching the surface of what he did for the town. much more will be said. but tonight, we mourn him. he was 85 years old, truly a sad day for washington, d.c. who will all miss him. back to you. >> derek, a huge impact on our entire community. thank you for that. we want to go live to gary outside the center. and he revitalized that whole part of washington, d.c. >> yeah, leslie, crying out 15 years ago if you had stood at this corner, would you be seeing traffic in back of you? would you be seeing people going to and from metro? would you be seeing them go to the revitalized china town to the movies, restaurants, entertainment remember views? this is going to be really hard for our photographers. just move around. but look, on that street, the shakespeare theater. shakespeare in washington? never would have happened if he did not have the vision to try to revitalize
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this part of town. and with what was then the mci center that opened in december of 1977, i think we have video from the opening of that day which is then the mci center in 1977 issue completely changed the face of downtown dc. it turned this part of town around. it brought businesses back. and this was a part of town before the mci center was built where you didn't want to walk alone after dark. and now, these places are crowded with the busy commuters and the people who are contributing to the congress of downtown dc. any question about what the difference he made to downtown washington, we caught up with the current mayor late this afternoon. and talked to him only moments after he heard about the death of mr. pullin. this is what the mayor fenty had to say about his contribution to downtown dc.
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there are shops and restaurants and he bought hundreds of millions of dollars to the city and great quality of life. what he also did, he brought pride back to the city, civic pride which made it more valuable. >> that's mayor fenty. certainly knows the contribution that he has brought. he is someone that builds someone in washington that plays a major role in e are vitalizing this town -- revitalizing this town. would you tell us the contributions that he has made to dc? >> well aeub did everything he could for -- abe did everything for the city. he loved it so much. he was devoted to building a first class stadium downtown to see the revitalization of this city come to something that is a very sad day that he's going today and he's going to be
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missed. >> now, let me interrupt you. let me just talk to you about our division for what this part of washington could be like. how is this town different because of that vision? >> there is probably $4 billion worth of development that went into the downtown area. even on contents abroad to help people well off. >> everything he could do to help everybody, he would do it. he had a heart of gold and a heart as big as the mississippi river. he was the most kindest, compassionate man i have met in my life. >> thank you for joining us here live. we appreciate that. but mr. barry also has views of the
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difference that he made. and for right now, back to you in the studio. >> all right issue thank you for keeping us up to date and giving us insides for people that see firsthand what has happened down there. >> yeah, look downtown and abers pollin was live in the sports world and even beyond. he stood out for decades as we know for running his teams like a family business. and brett knows a lot about abe pollin's reach as a sports owner and a sports leader. >> reporter: well leslie in this season when our attention has been so much occupied by a sports owner at the city that has been odds at this city. pollin is probably a great advocate that ever existed in this city. and tonight, he's gone at the age of 85. he was the longest tenure owner in all the nba, having brought
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the baltimore bullets in 1964, built the capitol out there and moved to washington in 173 -- 1973. due to five years later, he helped them win an nba title in 1978. then the washington capitols came as he brought hockey to the city for the first time. he became one of the most great men in terms of charity and great works that the city knew in any walks of life. his charitable giving to those less fortunate unmassed in his division as gary mentioned in building this behind me that is so visionary that it changed the escape of downtown washington and something unbelievably special. now he's gone. ironically, it happens on a night when the wizards will play against the 76ers. they return to washington tonight. was a close personal friend of mr. poolin and that just adds to the
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irony. displeased by the stain of the basketball team. just weeks ago in his declining health, he wanted to live long enough to see the wizards win another championship. sadly that will not happen. the we saárdz are in a horrible -- wizards are in a horrible state in terms of basketball. and he is a man that washington as a city, not just a sports city, will truly miss the former mayor. he is to my right and instrumental in helping him build this building. we're hoping to speak to him in just a few minutes. we'll get back to you when he's available. back to you in the studio. >> yet, he talked about abe pollin's committee to the team and the fans. aeub poll lynn -- it took a
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little longer to make sure that everyone was safe. aeub poll lynn
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>> reporter: but after they said while police tried to get him to come down, not everyone gathered nearby and thought it should end. >> he was about to come down, then everyone started to cheering for him to get back up. then the cops had the fire department come here with the ladder and everything. >> reporter: the bomb squad concerned about the chemicals ordered them cleared. it stayed closed until after 3:30, messing up downtown traffic. >> reporter: the only good news in all of this, it didn't happen tomorrow night. leslie and anita? >> yes, absolutely. when things would be even more congested. thank you so much, dave statter. we want to return to our to be story about abe pollin who will be talking to someone right now with a lot of interactions over the years with abe pollin.
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>> reporter: yes, it this is a council member now for washington, d.c. he was the mayor when this building was built in 1995, completed in 1997. and mayor, there is -- former mayor, no debating the impact that they have had on the revitalization of the part of washington. >> i want to offer my personal condolences first and prayers to abe's family. he and i have known each other for 37 something years. we are personal friends, business friends, and he's built apartments long before i became mayor in southeast washington. but i came back in my forth term in january of '95, one of the first calls i got was from abe pollin saying marion, mr. mayor, i want to come from the capitol city to washington. i want to be in downtown washington.
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and you know, he had a conversation with them 15 to 20 years before at the convention center that the time wasn't right. then we met a couple weeks later in my office. and we decided to put it together, we're going to build this verizon center, that time mci center or sports center. and he named peter o'malley as his representative, and they met almost every other day, coming in on time, on budget. this place was horrific. >> and who knew to the city, they did not remember that this was a neighborhood where you do not want to spend a lot of time.
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and who did that right around the corner here, pretty secure. and because of abe and myself to get this done and the national time of making the center work. we got the all-star game, a lot of other games here. look at the city now. down in the corner of the service. and yeah, down out there. you have gary who plays, you have movies, you've got this. the restaurants across the street at seventh street. this is the place to be in washington, d.c. i mean, that's not the warding for them. >> yes, i'm always speaking on behalf of them. i think that mr. barry agrees, not just the sports leader in the town. but i mean the leader and we mourn his death tonight. for >> and also, he webt down to carry the baptist church almost every day to feed the homeless. he was the humanitarian.
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he helps build things with them and we're going to miss them and in the memory due to the kind of things that they did and to the other parts of your city. you're hearing the same thing. >> thank you for your remembrances tonight. and remembering abe pollin, back to you. >> all right, brett, thank you for that. what he mentions, the table serving meals twice a week. coming up, snow predictions. topper in the 9news now weather service. tell us how much white stuff they forecast that will fall this upcoming winter. don't go away.
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it's a tuesday night in washington. lots of people getting ready to take off for the thanksgiving holiday. here we are in the holiday season. lots of traffic, lots of busyness, and lots of changes in weather. and will that's right. we want to know all about the forecast that is not just for today. we want to know about what your favorite thing is to talk about. >> how is that? >> it's a lot of pressure. but this is the time that we always do our winter outlook. it's mainly fun. sort to take it with the grain of salt. but there is some science behind it. and remember when you take 90 days and average it out. it's hard to tell you anything individually each day what it's like. >> yeah, because we cannot hold it to you every day. >> right. >> and now, let's get straight out to the weather. we're doing weather? >> oh, i'm sorry. we're going to do it after weather.
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>> what? >> yes. >> i'm sorry, i screwed up. >> okay. it's that teasing, you know? you make us wait. the next three days, looking at clouds tomorrow. a few showers. might be in the upper 50s. that'll turn colder for them on friday. and by that, we mean the snow flurries, not anything like that. but the west out in the mountains, you could see the accumulating snow. and tonight, mostly cloudy and cool. mainly just drizzle and fog. both temperatures in the 40s. if you're trying to get out of town tonight, fog will be a great problem. use your low beams and the roads will stay wet all night. and now looking at a lot of precipitation, just enough drizzle to keep things wet. temperature wise, not too bad really. 52 in baltimore. even 50 out there in cumberland. looking at 52 at manassas. temperature wise, we got a break. for tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and cool. a shower is possible with light winds. by the afternoon, mostly cloudy, still seasonable.
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some showers. not that many. high temperatures near 55. winds again light. not much of a factor. all right, the big question, travel day weather, they really haven't changed. some showers in seattle, that's it. beautiful in san francisco, l.a. quiet in salt lake. no big snowstorms for denver. cold and dry in the plain states. and only kind of mild air that we have in the east. just some showers. but really in terms of the traveling. that's a pretty good forecast. no big storms on the map. satellite picture radar combined. notice all the low clouds. not much precipitation. but persistent for them to keep drizzling in the forecast out there and also out there. in the next seven days, 55 for them. tomorrow, the showers on wednesday for turkey. and then again, a few flurries that are possible on friday. temperatures in the upper 40s. we'll see the sunshine to finish it though. we rebound nicely. back in the 50s on saturday. sunday, it looks like it will be quiet travel weather as we return home from grandma. temperatures in the upper 50s and dry out there around the
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upper sea born. then we're looking at showers on monday night. that could end their flurries on tuesday. high temperatures on tuesday that's what i'm thinking, hear is what tim has to think. >> thank you, howard. our storm will be further south. thanks to el nino.
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i'm going for below snowfall total. so far this year, dallas 17. how about the worm? here i am a couple of years ago measuring these furry guys. the darker the color, the harsher the winter. what have you found in your yard? regardless if it is going to be cold like i say and even an average snowfall, we're going to want to take a long winters nap. >> all right, it's time. out with the worms, how many acorns are on the ground. when wow talk about that on average, it's hard to get specifics. let's start with the histories first. you have to go back to the winter of '02, '03. going back in history with a feast or a salmon. 82, 83, 95, 96. so i think we're actually going to be closer to the feast and snowfall at or above average.
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temperatures over the 90-day period. sure, we'll have the arctic outbreaks. but they averaged out that will generally be a wash. all right, there you have it. we're all close. >> yes. >> again, a weak one is the salmon situation. 95,6 that -- 95, 96 is a weak one. a big storm in 83. we're thinking the first, at least averaging about 17 inches or better. and we can get the big storms. >> i notice that none of you talk about the first snowfall that will be. >> and they don't see the e- mail from fairfax county public school. one of the first public days. that will be on december 17, the first snow days on january 7. >> okay. >> all right. >> check back in on that. >> yeah, i wouldn't check back too hard on that. >> all right, the thanksgiving travel holiday is already underway this evening going into the0s. >> he there -- hey there, whatever the weather, you know
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you can see already, 95, a live picture here that will be a mix of folks that are getting home and getting away this travel period. so thanksgiving has definitely spread over the years as early as monday. and so tonight, people will be sneaking away as well as tomorrow. the heaviest day. my advice is to leave on thanksgiving day if you can to avoid a mess like what you see on 95 right here. a lot of people will be leaving tomorrow. it be you must, leave early before noon or i could say, just after 9:00 at night would be safe. coming back on sunday will be very heavy on 270 this route as you can see here, already very heavy. will be heavier tomorrow. also, 95, so do factor in those extra times for accidents anded bad weather. guys, back to you. >> thank you. red skáeupb fans haven't had a lot -- redskins fans haven't had a lot to be out there. they do have a lot to thank the burgandy and the gold. coming up with more than 190,000 pounds of
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food at today's annual harvest feast. audrey barnes joins us live with more. >> reporter: anita, this year's event went off like clock work. no short tempers, no chaos. a great way for the redskins to give back to the community that needs it most. the lines make the round of the fedex field last year as thousands showed up to the redskins annual thanksgiving food giveaway. it was a much more controlled theme this year. in need of some help that had to preregister. even so, dave murray was not taking any chances. >> you got here this morning? >> yes, ma'am. why did you come so early? some of the cheeriest volunteers ever were here. including some of the redskins players like london fletcher who helped load up one of three fedex trucks for special deliveries to three local shelters.
5:22 pm
chris samuels feels blessed just to be here. >> once i got hit on the field. i was glad to get out there to see it. >> reporter: today was not all about injuries for the game plans though. but making sure that they could whip up the thanksgiving meal for their grandkids. this is going to help feed your four grand babies? >> yes, indeed. >> thank you redskins. the kick to dallas behind and the next game we play now. >> and the team owner, they got props for participating. >> and he is very giving. and he's the man. and he's out here for himself. and so that is just right for them. >> happy thanksgiving everyone. >> happy thanksgiving indeed. this is the sixth year for the event. by all accounts, it was a huge success. back to you. >> awesome audrey, thank you so much. coming up, details on the single largest crib recall. coming up after the break.
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in tonight's consumer alert, more on the massive crib recall we told you about yesterday. today, the consumer product safety commission and kraft manufacturing announced the voluntary recall of more than two million drop size cribs. and tonight, they acknowledge that it is taking tooing long to get out the word that these cribs pose a danger. this daycare center is scrambling to figure out what to do with 44 cribs now a part of the nation's largest crib recall. >> it really is disturbing. we need to take care of it while we can and to make sure that no one else is hurt or injured. >> the cribs made by manufacturing, they have been linked to more than 100 incidents. the problem involves the plastic cardinals for them and detached from the crib.
5:27 pm
and that is big enough for an infant to become trapped and suffocated. the recalled cribs were manufactured between january of 1993 and object of 2009. and most have the logo. 147,000 of them have the fisher price logo. the new head of the cpsc say in some cases the cribs were assembled wrong and also admits recall should not have taken 16 years. >> we have just not been acting as quickly as we should have as a consumer product safety commission on these type of understand stances -- instances. >> reporter: parents should stop using the cribs immediately and contact them for a free repair kit. you can go to the website. >> prevent the sides from dropping down and they urge the parents to find an alternative safe sleeping alternative for
5:28 pm
their babies. you do not want to attempt the cribs for yourself without the kit. it is also important to know that this does not involve with any metal robs that are dropping the hardware. this only involves the cribs with the plastic trigger and the one hand system. that is a lot of information to take in. if you go to the website,, and look under living smart. we'll have all of this in writing for you. which includes a list of stores where many of these cribs could have been purchased. >> and so many people have them. >> absolutely. thank you, leslie. coming up, the search for the man who is kissing women he doesn't know in sterling. plus, president obama makes his decision on a new strategy for afghanistan. it's the hottest ticket in washington. we'll give you a preview of the obama first official state dinner. i'm joel brown at the white house. that's coming up.
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we told you all afternoon at the age of 85, the washington wizards owner, abe pollin has died today. our sports director is live at the verizon center for them joining us inside a building that will be a big part of the legacy. and that is a member that
5:32 pm
is recently 12 years ago, they did not exist for them. and they just prepared the vision out there just yet for them and now this is a vibrant part of the city. and that part of what we remember about him down the at age of 85. tp-rbz he bought the then baltimore bullets in 1964. he brought them to washington in 73. that building brought them here to washington. and they became a sports leader for them and still throughout and he'll be missed perhaps more than any sports memory for them. he is gone in the last 10 years and much more on his legacy for them in the loss. and the sports legend for them. i'm brett haber live the at verizon center for them. we look forward to it. a man in sterling has been going around and kissing
5:33 pm
joggers. it happened three times all along the block of white water drive. and lindsey mastis has the story. >> that is very weird odd behavior. >> reporter: it happens once on friday and again on monday. in both occasions, they gave him a handshake, kissing one of them on her hand, the other one on her cheek. >> when he reaches out and extends his hand, he mumbles something in some language and obviously he doesn't understand them and he doesn't understand him. he walks away as well. >> reporter: the county sheriff, they said that after getting the word out, they got another phone call from yet another jogger. the the third incident that happens this morning. >> i guess the concern is, in everybody's mind, will it escalate to something different, something else. >> it is very scary. i have young kids and gosh i hope they catch this guy real concerned. >> i have a teenage daughter at night. at night i walk the dog with
5:34 pm
her now. >> reporter: he says that they want to know what this man's intentions are so they know whether it is a misunderstanding or something more. and they said that they may already have a lead. >> you would think that you have a pretty good idea of what this gentleman is doing. >> reporter: but first they need to find a translater to get the joggers to make a positive id. in sterling, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now and now according to the sheriff, this man could face the assault charges. but it'll be up to the commonwealth attorney and the joggers to decide if they want to press charges. president obama is just days away from explaning the new strategy for the war in afghanistan. sources say that the president, they made their decision after the rare nighttime meeting between the commander in chief and his war cabinet. >> after 8 years, some of those years in which we did not have, i think either the resources or the strategies to get the job done.
5:35 pm
it is my intention to finish the job. >> many military officials expect president obama will send up to 35,000 forces into afghanistan. that's 5 thourbs less for the time general on the ground that they had asked for. and they will outline their plan for them and the states. the hottest ticket in town is the kind of party only to the inauguration. and that is the first state dinner that will welcome the prime minister to the white house. joel brown was there when the first lady gave a sneak peek into the circumstances. and he joins us now live from the white house with more. hi joel. >> leslie, good evening to you. the first lady and her staff that has been trying all yearing long to put in obama touch on different white house social events. well, there's no bigger event than tonight. the tables are set with the finest white china with the obama's first official state dinner.
5:36 pm
this morning, he welcomed the indian prime minister to washington. but the elaborate ceremony is just the beginning. and they gave them an early look for what they have been working on for months. the invitation, the place settings that you see here. you need to figure out who sits where. >> 320 guests will dine on the presidential china for the clinton and the first bushes. and that is out there had and roasted all of them. with a long guest list with the limited space. they built a massive tent out on the south lawn. a presidential recommendation. seeing the style and coaching. fast forward or not. it is always a big night for the first ladies. >> their gowns scrutinized in
5:37 pm
the photo op. their performances are what you might expect. >> reporter: jennifer hudson will take the stage. the audiences often filled with politicians and celebrities. sometimes they even dance tofplgt but the gala is not all greater number glitz and glam. they thank the apollo 11 astronauts, hosting the israel hawaii leaders after signing the peace treaty. president obama has set up a new economic partnership with india's prime minister. they will raise a glass to it tonight. so while much is made of who's on the guest list is also a lot of interest in who's not like the president's campaign rival, john mccain. and also democratic senator, who played a critical role in writing the senate's version of the health care bill. both not invited for them. >> and you should be interested to see what comes out of this party joel, thank you for that.
5:38 pm
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thanksgiving is of course coming. and two bands in our area are participating in the macy's thanksgiving parade. and today, they are marching night and at the university marching band in baltimore county. the only marching band. and members, they could not be happier to have this once in a lifetime opportunity. >> we'll be ready for the smurf. i'm excited for that. >> when i join the marching band, i never thought that it would happen. this is not even a part of the wildest dreams. >> and i'm freaking out.
5:41 pm
just like that. >> if you are out there and even the smurf, yeah, he's definitely out there had spwo the past five years, and a little more than 70 students. to more than 230. and the bands director, they said that the macy's parade is the icing on the cake. and they will be home for the turkey spotlight thanksgiving holiday. the job market, that's more young adults that are moving back in with mom and dad. and a study by the research for them them and they had a boomerang kid move back home in the past year. they said the number of 18 to 29-year-olds living alone dropped from 8% in 2007 and to 7% this year. >> okay. ready to shop until you drop? well, before you join the quest of shoppers on saturday, we'll help you with the game plan for them and the deals. enough for the living smart. >> and a little bit of light
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rain for them. and no shortage of clouds. we'll come back and talk about one driving particular for them on the problem and a look ahead to the travel day forecast tomorrow. stay with us. ♪ it's christmastime ♪
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save money. live better. walmart. the shopping season to kick off the most wonderful time of the year is almost here. over the next two days, we'll help you form late your black friday game plan. from the deals to the best way to get around. we've got you covered. >> it has become a sport for some of us. and that wake up time turning that for the best deals. let's say you plan to make the rounds at best buy. they open up at 5 a.m. once you make it through the door, you'll get a ticket that tells you where to look for the must-have item. >> if you get the yellow tickets, then you're instructed to look for the yellow blues. >> reporter: and they manage the landmark store.
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he offers a quick lesson in layouts on 101. >> the computers will be to the right. tvs will be to the back. appliances will be to the left. >> reporter: you can get the lay of the land before you head out the door. just head over to and click on the black friday hunt is on link. there you'll find sales for 25 of your favorite stores. a few seconds on the sight that could save you hours in line and hundreds of dollars thanks to printable lists that you can take with you down the aisle. >> that tv is now $787. for a sony 46 inch tv. >> reporter: or get an 8gb ipod than moe for just under $260. get a half carat diamond bracelet at sears for $80 or mix things up with a kitchen aid mixer for $150. these lists, they are packed with a million dollars worth of savings. toys "r" us is offering two door buster sales. one at midnight and one at 5 a.m.
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we have the wii and the super mario game a great bundle pack. and the store manager, they say that these $10 hamsters, they are all the rage. >> we'll have the zhuzhu pets for the first 100 guests in line on friday. >> for the pony, they take life sizes to the new heights for $99.99. that's a $200 saving. most of the highly advertised items will be easy to find in the stores. >> all of the hot deals will be in the center aisle. a lot of them on the end caps at the end of the aisle. >> you'll have plenty of company on friday want don't forget the comfortable shoes. keep that list handy. get your team in place to execute your shopping game plans. >> and i am holding up the mystery deals you can only find by going to the toys "r" us deals. if you head over to our site on here's how you find the big sales. click on the black friday, the hunt is on link. i've got that here. then you see the list there. i'm going to click on target or
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as i like to call it, and all kinds of saving galore here. tomorrow, we're going to show you the maps of each store to make it even easier to find your way to the deal. anita, i know you're going to love it. >> we all feel rich when we find deals at target. let's go back to lesli foster in the 9news now weather center. >> a rush to go shopping. much more than the rush you see out here on the roadways. a mess, a driver stuck in traffic called us at rockville to connecticut avenue as you can see here. they are barely moving an hour and 20 minutes. route 7 out there right now, more than an hour. so it is definitely not a pretty picture tonight and the mix of the travelers along with the rush hour commute. not pretty as you have that out there. also very heavy in both directions here westbound for 495 southbound and it is half hour and growing. guys, not pretty. >> is that your selective time? >> yes, that's what we're understanding. they are out there somewhere. >> just having the problem.
5:49 pm
the rain is fine. they took off and landed out there. >> right. >> they cannot get. there they better get cleared. and we thought about that. by the time they do that, they'll be there, opening up a little. where she fog and some drizzle tonight. while it is not a huge weather event, just enough to show that out there. there we go. then on friday u sharply colder. and we have the flurries in the forecast. very early on friday morning. temperatures in the 40s. and there will be the mountain snows. all right, tonight, mostly cloudy and cool. some drizzle and fog. and just what the commuters and the travelers don't need. temperatures in the 40s. winds easterly at 10.
5:50 pm
with the fog and the drizzle tonight, use your low beams. and visibility will be less in a mile shortly. they will remain wet while it is not raining hard, just enough will continue to keep them wet and a little slippery. temperatures, the low 50s. woodbridge, 52. vienna, 52. gaithersburg, low 50s. we're looking at temperatures out west. 51 at hills borrow. 51 at front royal and out there. now tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and cool. with some showers or a shower that is possible. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. light winds. by the afternoon, mostly cloudy and seasonsable. a few showers. and again, light winds. in terms of the travel day weather, pretty quiet across the country. in fact, out to the west, sunshine. yeah. sunshine south of seattle. and they will be nice. denver will be nice, no storms in the rocky. turning much colder in the plain states. seeing them here on thursday night. to the east, some showers.
5:51 pm
but the temperatures are mild. as far north as boston. all in all, pretty quiet weather day around the metro area. all six zones on our website, we'll post the winter outlook short listen i with your -- shortly on our website. 55 at middleburg. some showers here and there. downtown, 55, 56 for annapolis. next seven days? mid-50s on wednesday. mid to upper 50s on turkey day. some showers, flurries still possible on friday. we bounce back very quickly in the mid-50s on saturday with the sunshine. we'll be flirting with 60 on sunday. very quiet return. and that is a great travel day weatherwise. then rain on monday night. flurries on tuesday. >> okay, that is good news though. keep it quiet. >> yeah. they don't think much to cause the accident. >> it may end as flurries. >> yes. >> all right. well after weathering the other storm on wednesday night. battling to save their home out there. they turned to a new strategy
5:52 pm
today. scott broom is following the war against the water in hundred dollaring down maryland. >> they leave today at plum point. they came by the truckload. and the truckloads 069 tires that is. >> we didn't have them last night. they just came this morning. but as help, we got that out there just this morning. >> working them again to save their home today. and a row of houses on the west shore that have been threatened with the destruction. since the nor'easter nearly two weeks ago washed away the communities beach. a beach that just a month ago, extended all the way out there. sandbags by the thousands, still not enough. so now it is old tires to the rescue. >> we're doing everything to break the impacts to that week. that's what the tires are doing. and they will take their impact, they are a little flexible. the waves will hit and dispurse sideways as opposed to the
5:53 pm
solid wall. they will not wash away like they were doing. they were hitting directly washing them out because they are so small. they won't go anywhere. >> this is the worst that it has ever been and it looks pretty grim right now. but in the past stores, what nature has taken away has brought back. the sand rebuilds the beach once the wind and the tides shift. folks here, they say that will be the outcome this time around as well. tp-rbz scott broom, 9news now and >> and scott tells us that the neighbors at some point, they are planning to replace the sandbags with the rocket concrete as soon as possible. >> sounds like a good plan. >> yes. >> a drug that could change lives for people that are battling advance cancer. how they work when the other treatments stop. and don't forget, we're always on stay with us. tonight's living well segment is next. if you have high blood pressure, like me,
5:54 pm
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a staph bacteria known as mrsa has sky roberted. and researchers say that the strains of the mrsa super bug
5:57 pm
are everywhere in the community. rather than vice versa. and thaw needed to check them while they come in for treatment to keep these strains from spreading to inpatient areas. october 24, 2008, it was the worst day in steve and kathy thompson's life. the day their 17-year-old daughter lost her four plus battle with brain cancer. the week before, they had been a pretty normal one for her. she was at school, walked her dog in the park, and joked with friends and family. and her parents give much of the credit for that to the drug. we thought we had that beat. but unfortunately, that was not the case. her tumor came back. as, you know, as the deadliest form of brain cancer there is. >> reporter: that's when they told the thompson about a drug. when taken in combination with chemo therapy, it attacks a
5:58 pm
judge which cuts off blood supply to the tumor. soon after starting that regimen, she was able to go back to school and resume her normal activity. >> even four years into the disease. a lot of people did not know that she still had a brain tumor. >> but from the spring when she started it until october 17 -rs the friday before, she was fine. >> essentially when she started this, she was back as her normal self within i would say three weeks. >> reporter: though she eventually lost her battle with cancer a year ago, the thompsons are not giving up hope that a cure is on the horizon. they participated in the panels and the discussions to help get the fast truck fda approval for them as the first treatment in more than a decade. does whether in the lab, they allowed her to live her life with quality and dignity. and it is going to do the same for a lot of
5:59 pm
other people. >> and that is also approved for the advance lung, breast, and colon cancer. as for the thompsons early this morning. the foundation awarded a research grant that is call the the -- called the crystal thompson research for them in baltimore. only the beginning of the legacy. thank you for joining us at 9news now at 5. 9news now at 6 starts right now. and there are two big stories we're on top with tonight. they announce a big break in the 1977 murder case. but first, we continue to follow the passing of washington wizards owner, abe pollin. good evening, i'm anita brikman. leslie is off tonight. we knew that today's passing with the washington wizards owner, abe pollin suggested everyone by surprise. brett haber joins us inside the verizon center where abe's team is set to begin togh


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